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Renew your Membership by choosing from the options above. You can choose a different level of membership and/or payment method to your current membership.

If you choose to renew as an Associate Member please note that this membership type is intended for non-flying members and has reduced features:

  • You will receive our AOPA UK Magazine delivered by post 6 times a year
  • With consent to use your Email address you will receive our Emailed newsletters and Regulation updates
  • You can register for a separate user account on the AOPA UK Website to access member area
  • You do not receive personal advice and support for aviation related issues
  • You do not have access to all member benefits

If you have an expired Student membership you can rejoin as a 1 Year or 2 Year Pilot/Instructor member with a £20 discount using the Expired Student option above. Associate membership is not discounted.

Thank you for renewing your AOPA UK membership.

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